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2 thoughts on “Flyers

  1. I’ve discovered you guys while looking at Houston Craiglist’s rideshare postboard. I really admire what you guys are doing. I once met a similar pair of bicyclists in Ushuaia, who biked from Ecuador through all of the Andes down to the very bottom of South America. They didn’t blog their trip, but your page is also quite an achievement, apart from the actual ride!

    As far as boats from Texas go: try — great site (there’re a few others but I find this one the best), you’re likely to find something, although maybe not from Texas cause there is not that much sailing vessels in the gulf. Think about rerouting your trip through Cali and jumping on a boat there…. I was going to take a roadtrip through parts of Mexico adjacent to Texas in the upcoming weeks, but I rethought that plan (and I’m not the kind to back down) — everything that people are telling you about the turmoil in the region is true.

    In any case, good luck! got facebook?

  2. Hey if your coming through New Braunfels, TX in the next two weeks I have an extra place for you to crash…. real beds and a shower… If you need it. By the way i admire what you both are doing…

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