3 Months at Urban: The Stock Soars!

I’ve been working at the Urban Outfitters head office three months now.  I just checked Yahoo Finance to see the effect I’ve had on the stock price.

I think the company is gonna be hoisting me up on its shoulders later.

My co-worker found an excellent article on the subject:

Trade Alert – Urban Outfitters at New Highs

TradersHuddle.com – Christoper Lynn – ‎Apr 27, 2010‎

New York, April 27th (TradersHuddle.com) – Shares of Urban Outfitters, Inc. (NASDAQ:URBN) booked a new 52 week high today by trading above $40.77, Urban Outfitters CEO Glen Senk comments on Eoin Grosch being the reason behind the brand’s stellar performance.

J. Crew, Urban Outfitters Say Yes to the Dress BNET

Needham & Company Raises Price Target on Urban Outfitters (URBN) After StreetInsider.com (subscription)

Uptrend Spotted in Shares of Urban Outfitters (URBN) Comtex Smartrend

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Philly Spring Clean Up

It happened by accident.  As I was eating cereal on Saturday morning, I looked out the window and saw a rush of neighbors at the basketball court.  There was a Blue Recycle Big Giveaway for Philly Spring Clean Up.  I got my bin and then hung around because the people doing the giveaway were cool.

We cleaned up the neighborhood.  I got a broom and gloves and I swept up the trash on the streets.  It felt really good — sounds odd.  Pete saw me being good and he came out to help too.

There I am sweeping in front of my car.  Although the trash is back out on the street, I hope I set a good example for my neighbors.  I’ll probably sweep up again another day when it’s nice out and I feel like doing something active and helpful.

Life Purpose: Excitement

I read The 4-Hour Workweek a while ago, and what I really liked was how the general life purpose of Happiness was clarified.  What we should ask ourselves is “What excites me?” Activities causing excitement will align with purpose.

Here’s an excerpt from The Project Mojave blog on the same subject of Excitement vs. Happiness:

Many societally conditionally goals — such as “get out of debt,” “buy a new car,” and “create a college fund,” — can be fine and noble, but they often do not make us come alive.  What would really make your day, I mean, if you could do anything? Think about that for a second.

If you dig deep within to answer this question, I bet your answer might be something a little different than the average idea of a “great day.” If you really answer this question from your soul, you’ll discover aspirations that really move you. Here are a few of mine:

  • Ski down a killer slope in Park City, Utah
  • Take a Tantra class
  • Read a great novel for the first time
  • Go on a group meditation or retreat
  • Play music with others, lose track of time, and get lost in sound

You see, when all our goals revolve around efficiency, money, looks, networking, etc., we lose track of why we wanted these things in the first place. Indeed, we often envision such goals because we want more time and energy to do things that truly excite us and bring deep fulfilling happiness. I challenge you to incorporate goals and aspirations that really excite and move you. Don’t get caught up in mundane, socially acceptable goals. Find out what really inspires you and make a commitment to live your life with a deeper level of satisfaction starting today.

$100 Red Light Camera Ticket: Caught Turning on Red

I got a $100 traffic ticket in the mail.  Photo evidence of me breaking the law.  There’s a lot of “No Turn On Red” signs in Philadelphia, and I usually see them and follow the rule, but I must have felt in a rush, or I didn’t see the sign.

I was considering requesting a hearing to fight this, but I don’t know what I would say to contest it.  The photo’s pretty clear.

And what sucks is that I pretty much never drive the car, but I had gotten a flat tire.  I had put on the spare tire and was driving to get the flat one repaired.  Pretty shitty — only using the car to try to keep it maintained and then getting a $100 ticket.  I should have just left it flat.

There’s an online payment system, but I’m mailing in my $100 check because I don’t want to pay the convenience fee.


I need boots since it’s been snowy for my first Winter in Philadelphia, so I ordered these Timberland Earthkeepers from UrbanOutfitters.com.

I got them today, and they make me look strange.  Large, odd feet.  I think they’re a half-size too big, but I’ve also never worn boots, so my mind probably needs time to adjust.  Whatever though, I’m gonna return them because of weird foot.

These Palladium Baggy Brown Leather boots look pretty cool.

Can I pull it off?\

Urban Commute

I just started my new job at the Urban Outfitters head office on Monday.  One of the best things about it is that it’s only 3 miles away from my place, so I’m biking.  During orientation, I found out that Urban supports commuting by bike by giving $20 credit back on your paycheck each month (reducing taxable income), providing a rear bike light, and reimbursing up to $50 for a helmet.  They’re small perks, but it’s something, and the real benefit is just being able to get here without driving.  It’s a significant change from the 90-minute commute by train I did twice a day at my old job at Dorman.  Instead of getting up at 6am and returning home at 6pm, I’m getting up at 8am, and getting back home around 5:45pm.

Note: The $20 reduction in taxable income is actually a tax provision that was part of the Renewable Energy Tax Credit legislation in 2008.  More information.