Pennsylvania Bike Tour: One week, 600 miles

I’m taking vacation next week and doing a week-long bike tour through Pennsylvania.  600 miles in 7 days.  We’re starting from Philly, riding out to the Appalachian mountains, and then looping back to end in New York City.  We’ll be following the BicyclePA Routes (S, G, and V) most of the time, camping along the way, and staying a night in State College, PA, the home of Penn State University — the 2009 #1 party school.  Lemme see ya handz pahty peepl!


2 thoughts on “Pennsylvania Bike Tour: One week, 600 miles

  1. Did you guys do this trip? How was it?
    I’m planning to ride from NYC to DC this week, but I’m having a hard time finding a route. Suggestions?

  2. Hey Frank, yeah the bike tour of PA was great! We got rained on for 3 days out of the week and we packed for summer weather although it was really cold, but other than that, it was a fun trip.

    That’s cool you’re doing NYC to DC. I’ve done Philly to DC, and the main thing to tell you with that is that you can’t cross Hatem Bridge over the Susquehanna in Maryland. I did it, but a cop pulled me over, and luckily only gave me a warning. So you have to find a different bridge unfortunately.

    I haven’t done a route between NYC and Philly yet. It looks like a lot of industrial area. Kind of nasty. I think there’s an adventure cycling route that’s not very direct, but it would be more scenic.

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